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Problem with "Collect Results" under "Utilities" - bhanware - 08-11-2017

I am getting a problem while using the "Run ReadVars" under the "Utilities".
When I use it without any "Export" option then it works fine i.e. eplusout.csv is generated with filtered results in all job folders.

But when I want to generate a summary table too i.e. check the option "Export all results to one table, with name" and press "collect results" then problem comes. It generates eplusout.csv file to first few job folders (say 5 or 7 out of 24 jobs) and then nothing happens after that. No more eplusout.csv file is generated in other job folders nor the combined table ("processed_results.csv"). And I do not get any error message.

Please suggest possible solutions.

Thanks in advance,