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simulation of 1 million dwelling - PI - 11-15-2016

Dear all,

I am new to this forum and I haven't used JePlus before (I am familiar with EnergyPlus). I hope some of you can help me with the following problem:
I have a file with 1 million different buildings and for each building I have ~30 different building characteristics (area of the building, insulation rate, ventilation system, heating system, type of dwelling etc.).
I would like to simulate those buildings.
I know 30 building characteristics are not enough to make a proper simulation therefore my plan is to make a basic model and change characteristics I know. Because it is impossible to change these 30 characteristics manually per dwelling I am hoping that jeplus can help me with that. Do you think this is possible or should I use another tool to do this. And if you think JePlus is a suitable tool can you give me some advice how to start?

Thanks in advance for your help!

RE: simulation of 1 million dwelling - Yi - 11-17-2016

Hi PI, welcome!

jEPlus is designed for such projects, so you have come to the right place. The quickest way to get started is this video: If you cannot access Youtube, the video can be downloaded here:



RE: simulation of 1 million dwelling - PI - 11-17-2016