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jEPlus v1.5 beta Released! - Yi - 09-23-2014

A new release of jEPlus has been uploaded to SourceForge. Please download it there. The features introduced in Version 1.5 include:

  1. Parametric project

    • @calc() syntax in parameter definition allows values to be calculated from a formula
    • Extended RVI (.rvx) file for customizing result collection
    • Calls Python scripts for post-processing during result collection
    • Calculate user-defined variables after result collection
    • Combined results table generated by default
    • Added support for INSEL 8.x
  2. GUI changes
  3. Utilities
    • Run Python script for further analysis
    • IDF version converter shell for easily updating projects to later E+ versions (Windows only)

The full list of features can be found here: Main features of jEPlus